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Taylor was placed in foster care when he was 16 years old. After a few months at a shelter he was placed in a foster home where he stayed until he aged out and started college. Currently he is a sophomore at the University of Texas San Antonio and is planning on obtaining a degree in environmental science. Taylor then hopes to continue on to law school. He plans on working in the environmental field then possibly transitioning into the political arena. Taylor’s motivation is that by sharing his experiences he feels he will be able to help others get through similar ones. He has spoken on a number of occasions on behalf of youth and to inform others of his experiences. He is currently working on a proposal for a Green business that is aimed at providing jobs to former foster youth and the homeless. He works very hard to try to help others every chance he gets. He has testified on behalf of all the foster youth for the Foster Care Bill of Rights and has given presentations at several conferences across the country.