Taylor Alaniz was in care for 8 years in Texas’s Child welfare system. 


Taylor recalls at least 12 foster homes, 3 residential treatment centers, several hospitalizations, and countless stays in juvenile detention, she doesn’t remember them all. She does remember many people who helped her and “protected” her when she didn’t feel able to protect herself.


She is now a mom and a full-time grad student, pursuing a graduate degree in Criminal Justice, and working for Child Protective Services. Taylor says that her, “ life's goal is to guide, advocate, and support young people that are enduring what I once did.” Her family, school and work make it hard to engage in outside activities, so she, “aim(s) to lead by example. I work hard, harder than you could ever imagine so that my children and others like me know that we are more than our past. We are more than just a sad story. We can be whatever and whoever we want to be. We are not defined by our struggles. We are more than foster care.”


Taylor plans to continue building her career with Child Protective Services, and would also like to get her Ph.D., and maybe become a professor someday.


“Failure is only such if you never get back up and try again.”

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