Bethani Dobbs, 20, Texas’s Foster Care System

Bethani entered foster care around age 2 and was later reunited with her biological father. She entered care again at age 12 and experienced multiple placements; shelters, foster homes, a treatment center, and a Girl’s home. Naturally confused and feeling unwanted, at age 13 she was placed in a youth shelter. Soon after, she qualified to move into a Girls Home. It was a much better place, but the change was still a struggle for her. Soon, due to her “impulsive behavior,” and with no one to talk to, holding so much in,  she exited care and returned home. 

Though Bethani faced many obstacles during her foster care experience, she never let it keep her down. She received many AB Honor roll awards throughout her 4 years of high school. She has volunteered at Kids First Inc. where she connected with and watched foster youth while foster parents were in training. She is a member of her regional youth leadership council called Change For Today and Tomorrow.

In her spare time, she sometimes draws, does homework, and loves having conversations about current events. She also loves a little social media here and there!

“I’ve made it very far and I would love to share my experiences with other foster youth or even being there as an ear to listen and also give my insight if needed.”
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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders