Victoria spent 6 years in California's foster care system.

During her time in foster care, Victoria experienced many different placements including temporary and group homes. She struggled with the restrictions at different placements, but was determined to overcome. Victoria grew her support network by connecting with the staff, social workers and her attorney. Interested in advocating for change, Victoria joined of California Youth Connection (CYC). She is studying at Shasta College where she plans to earn her Associate of Arts in Business with prerequisites for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She loves financial budgeting and planning events and is determined to challenge the statistics for foster youth. Victoria wants to become an economic advisor and/or a foster parent.
Quote: “Giving back is important to me because I can give back to the community and help other foster children who have been where I was and show my appreciation…”

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2017 Outstanding Young Leaders