Trisha McGrotty spent 7 years in West Virgina's foster care system.

Trisha is bright and motivated. She was on the Honor Roll from elementary grades through High School, and is now enrolled in college. Her personal goal is to become a social worker, and do volunteer work in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. She has spent alot of her time as mentor to other students, and as a volunteer helping others with their homework, in a program called Energy Express for elementary children. In Jr. High Trisha made the All Star Basketball Team, through 9th grade. As a senior in High School, she was featured in the yearbook because of her resilience through her life story.

In Trisha's youth, her mother had problems with drugs. It became worse, and Trisha and her brother were sent to live with relatives, while their mother promised to come and get them, but never showed up. Trish ended up living with a mother of a friend, and this woman recieved custody of her and her brother. It was very hard on Trish and she finally left the household, moving to Tennessee to live with a cousin. Her brother stayed behind, living there til he graduated from High School. When he graduated, he came and got Trisha and recieved custody. Trish and her brother lived with a mother of one of his friends. As soon as Trisha became 18 years old, her brother left and moved to Cleveland Ohio, with their biological mother. She remained living with the friend's mother, got a job with Safeway, and graduated from High School. She heard about the Independent Living Program from her counselor, and was approved to become part of it. She now lives on her own, and goes to college!

Trisha experienced many complications going from home to home, and with her education. Her brother and her did a lot of problem solving themselves, to correct some problems that were keeping Trisha from being able to enroll in school. They were victorious because they persisted, and once again Trisha was enrolled in school and was able to graduate from High School. Trisha is an outstanding woman, with much ahead of her in life. She has a big heart, and a unique understanding of the Foster Care System, and problems that can occur for a child. She'll be helping many in their lives, along her own life's path.

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