Tiffany Minton, age 19, California’s Child Welfare system.

Tiffany was placed into foster care immediately after being born due to having drugs within her system. Thereafter Tiffany has experienced many types of placements, foster homes, kinship/relative care, MTFC a reunification program, homelessness, and a transitional living program. 

Throughout Tiffany’s life, she found a great passion for volunteering and helping others. Taking on many leadership roles and mentoring youth in need of guidance. During high school, she received an award for perfect attendance and an award recognizing her resilence through all the turmoil. Tiffany has worked hard to reduce her stress and anxiety from her past trauma. Some of her hobbies include watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, skateboarding, singing and going for walks. 

Currently, Tiffany is working to attain her associate’s degree at Fullerton College and eventually transfer to Cal State Long Beach or Cal State Fullerton to pursue criminal justice.

Tiffany is an empathetic leader that uses all her past experiences, lessons learned, and life exposure to help others. 

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders