Thalia Rose, 24, New York’s Foster Care System

Thalia’s experienced seven different foster homes, the most challenging experience she had was believing that she was lovable. Now no longer in foster care, she is still living with, loved, and supported by her former foster mom of 9 years.

When Thalia graduated high school she was so proud, because she never thought she would graduate. She is now in her last year of school for massage therapy and works part-time.

Thalia volunteers with The Legacy Center, which is a part of Christ Tabernacles Church. The Legacy Center is relentless in its efforts to help people move forward to achieve their ultimate potential. She also volunteers with the Marketplace; developed to fight the effects of poverty and underemployment. The Marketplace is a place where community members will receive housewares, diapers, groceries and have access to an information center highlighting community resources (jobs, apartments, and classes, etc.).

Her goals are to give back to the homeless through her church and own her own prenatal massage business. She dreams of being a founder for scholarship programs, workshops, and learning books for young people in foster care.

“Everything has its seasons and if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
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