Taylor Douglas has spent most of her life moving from home to home with her mother and young sister. She moved over twenty times by age eight before she was ultimately placed with a grandparent. Since living with her grandparents, Taylor enrolled in the Colorado Connections Academy and has experienced academic success.


She is also part of the Civil Air Patrol, the Air Force Auxiliary program, 4-H, Grand Family Coalition group, and started the Minor Pulse Organization. Minor Pulse helps kids speak out and make connections. In the future, Taylor plans to become an anesthesiologist.


Taylor currently lives with her grandparents and her younger sister. Taylor is a senior this year at Colorado Connections Academy and plans to go to college, Colorado State University.  She is finding a job before she heads to college.


Taylor enjoys reading, drawing, painting, and any physical activity to stay fit. She believes it is not what you receive, but how you give back that really makes a difference.