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Tara Dinoski spent 5 1/2 years in Florida's Foster Care System

Tara Dinoski is not only active in a youth board, but also founded and formed one. According to an adult supporter, “Tara is a humble advocate with a huge passion for finding ways to supply foster youth and youth from broken homes with supports and connections to improve their overall well being.”

Tara will graduate in May 2012 with her Bachelor’s in Advertising and Public Relations, but it won’t take much for Tara to market herself. Her work speaks for itself. She has been featured in the Orlando Sentinel for her role in Golden Hearts; a foster youth advocacy group she started at the University of Central Florida. Tara’s dream job is to work on community outreach programs and to start her own non-profit.

By shaping this program for foster youth at her university, Tara has made the dream of higher education more attainable for foster youth in Florida. Transitioning to college can be a challenge for most young people. Tara could have focused solely on her own education, but dedicated time and energy to improve conditions for foster youth coming after her.

By walking the path first and letting her experience shape Golden Hearts, Tara has created a program that addresses issues that may have been overlooked without her guidance.