Stephaney K


24 Years Old 



“I have a big passion for youth who are still in residential care, which has helped navigate the many conversations I have about my own experiences and how we change those for future youth and the current youth who are affected by it.”

Stephaney was on the Indiana Youth Advisory Board leadership team for two years, and is one of the first youth members on the Commission on Improving the Status of Children. She uses these opportunities to drive conversations among lawmakers and other powerful people to take into account the experiences of young people.

Stephaney plans to attend law school, with the goal of becoming a direct representation attorney for youth in residential centers and group homes. She experienced these types of placement during her own foster care experience, which she felt had a negative impact on her education.

After taking a few years to work on stability and healing, Stephaney enrolled in college, where she was introduced to advocacy and leadership. She has used her experience in care to inform policy on a state and national level.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2023 Outstanding Young Leaders