Special Fleming-Patterson 


23 Years Old 

California Foster Care System 

Special Fleming-Patterson is currently a sophomore at Los Angeles Southwest College studying psychology. Her educational goals include obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, master’s in LCSW/LMFT, and perhaps pursue her doctorate in the future. Special loves learning new things from cars and building things, to cooking and therapy. 

She hopes to create her own lane with the things she wants to do in life, and become a trailblazer for those who will come after her. Special believes everyone deserves to know it can be done.

Special’s career goals include creating a retreat (Black Healing Retreat- BHR), that focuses on healing parent/adult-child relationships in the black community. She would love to build her own retreat space and create a podcast to use as a platform to introduce some of the things that will be discussed in the retreat. Special also aims to write a book to help people navigate adulthood. 

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2021 Outstanding Young Leaders