Sabrina Abong spent 5 years in the California foster care system.


During Sabrina’s senior year at Los Banos High School, she received the Golden Eagle Award that signified how she overcame the struggles of growing up in foster care. She has also received a Local Control Accountability Stakeholder certificate. Sabrina is a member of California Youth Connection, an organization where youth help pass legislative bills to improve the foster care system. She is also a part of an organization called Merced County Project 10%, a project aiming to increase Merced High School’s graduation rates by 10%. She currently attends Merced Community College where she will earn an associate's degree, and plans to eventually receive her master’s degree in behavioral psychology. Sabrina aims to make her way to a career in which she can help victims of human trafficking and foster youth.


Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2018 Outstanding Young Leaders