Robert Taylor was in care for 8 years in Tennessee’s Child welfare system. 


Robert reports that he and his siblings had some hard experiences in care, including a failed adoption and sibling separation. After entering extended care, he was able to graduate from High School and is proud to have earned a Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Development from Texas State University, while working full-time. 


He now works for Communities in Schools, a national organization working inside schools to build relationships that empower at-risk students to stay in school and achieve their goals. He also enjoys “all sports (mostly football), hiking, camping, reading, taking my three dogs swimming and on walks, eating at Austin's local restaurants, and spending time with my fiance”. A fun fact about Robert: the first time he flew in a plane, he jumped out of it skydiving. 


Robert is very happy at Communities in Schools, and he plans to pursue graduate studies in counseling.


“ I can not stop. These are the words that have saved my life… the most powerful single thought I think of when I have ever wanted to give up, because it has helped me move forward"- Robert Taylor

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders