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Richard Bazurto spent 6 years in Kansas' foster care system. Richard Bazurto feels that being in foster care automatically entitles a person to an important role in improving the system. As he says, "If they don't, who will?". So he felt it was important for him to get involved with the Kansas Youth Advisory Council during 2009 to 2011. He was very active. He was president for nearly a year, and had been involved in numerous KYAC presentations and events. He was a member of several panels, speaking to social workers, judges, GALs, and others in the system. He helped lead two summer conferences for youth in care, he testified to the House Federal and State Affairs Committee regarding his experiences in foster care (good and bad). Richard tells his story, "I went into foster care at the of 12 with my 10 year old sister. We got split up just under a year later. She went to live with cousins until she turned 18. I went to a total of four more foster homes and two facilities over the course of six years until I turned 18." He continues about "coming out of my shell. All through my early years, I was probably the quietest kid ever, until I moved to my second to last foster home. My foster parents at the time were the greatest foster parents I had and the closest actual parents I had ever known. They did a really good job helping me come out of my shell and allow me to be a more free person. It's because of them I'm able to have more confidence in myself and my abilities. I have really changed for the better thanks to them." Now 21, Richard's goal is to attend college and graduate. He wants to own and operate his own recording studio/record label. He would like to be an artist on his own label.