Patricia Etienne is currently in care with Florida's foster care system. Patricia has been in and out of the Florida system and is currently still in care. She is currently dual-enrolled at Gulf Coast High and Edison State College and after graduating from high school will be attending Florida International University. She hopes to enter the hospitality management program there, double majoring in lodging and tourism with a minor in business She hopes to work with hotels or cruise ships around the world. Miss Etienne is a serious leader and volunteer as well, starting the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at Gateway Charter High. Here, she organized many volunteer events from food drives and raising funds to feeding homeless and encouraging the football team. Patricia is also an accomplished athlete, receiving awards for volleyball and basketball, and even received a scholarship for demonstrating a giving spirit. Patricia has not let her time in foster care go to waste, rather she has taken her experiences and turned them into blessings. She is currently mentoring through a Florida Gulf Coast University program and believes that her situation has prepared her to be that much more relatable to the other foster youth. Patricia hopes that she can help give youth a voice and has joined many organizations in the spirit of that hope. Although she doesn’t have much free time between work, school, and volunteering, Patricia attends church, reads for pleasure, loves to hang out with her friends, and catch up on much needed sleep. She is quite the inspiration in her community, both to younger foster youth as well as the rest of those who have had the pleasure of knowing her.