Megan Lindsey spent 2 1/2 years in California's Foster Care System.

Megan, who spent two years in the system, believes that foster care was a positive experience in her life. Her placement with a Hispanic family helped Megan overcome shyness, grow comfortable with a new culture, and eventually learn to appreciate it. Her foster parents taught her how to become a better person and to prepare for life after care. She is grateful to her foster mother for encouraging her to read novels, and for helping her finish high school requirements on time. Megan enjoys tennis, basketball, writing, and reading novels. Sports and writing help Megan to relax and express her feelings. She believes it’s important for foster youth to enjoy life and to pursue the things they love, so they can move forward in their lives. Megan also enjoys volunteering. Since age twelve, she has participated in the “Kids Day” event which supports a local children’s hospital. She says the care and generosity of donors keeps her coming back each year. Megan also volunteers at the Tulare County Animal Control, where she has for the past ten years. Her work at the shelter helps her gain confidence and leadership skills. It’s her favorite hobby because she loves being around animals and finds it satisfying to find adoptive homes for them. Megan’s ILP worker helped her get hired at her first job at Yosemite National Park where she gained work experience, references, and the responsibility of holding a job. The love and support of others have helped Megan to gain independence and work toward her academic goals. Megan Lindsay plans to earn a Master’s degree in social work so she can encourage other foster youth to persevere through their education, just as her social worker inspired her. Megan wants foster youth to know they can do anything they put their minds to, and she wants to help them make it happen.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2011 Outstanding Young Leaders