Maimunah Qureshi

7 years in Foster Care

21 years old


Maimunah Qureshi is no stranger to ambition. She is currently working towards three simultaneous Bachelor’s degrees at an Honors level, triple-majoring in Aviation, Finance, and Economics, with a minor in Management. She intends to further her education in a graduate program, and to earn her CPA and CFP licenses in pursuit of her goal to become the CFO of an airline. Maimunah was one of only two students in the country to be selected for a prestigious internship at Michelin Fenner, where she researched passenger flows through airports and the efficient use of motorized walkways. Maimunah works at the financial department of the Massachusetts Transportation Company.

As treasurer of Alpha Eta Rho, a coeducational aviation fraternity, Maimunah managed the finances of the organization as well as participated in volunteer and fundraising activities. She is involved with the Nick Vuono Charity Fund, which provides individuals with disabilities and their families with valuable tools, electronics, and equipment which they would otherwise be unable to afford.

When she was experiencing homelessness and hunger, Maimunah sought out DCF to ask for help. She spent about seven years in foster care, and chose to pursue a career in finance so that she would never again find herself in situations like she had been in as a child. Maimunah was fortunate that her foster care experience led her to be taken in by her grandmother, and feels that foster care is a system that allows children to find someone who loves them and will ensure that their future is bright.

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