Having already known the trials of emigrating from Liberia to America, foster care was just one more bump in the road towards success for Lucina. Her first placement was at St. Joseph’s Home For Children where unfortunately in between the many homes she would have following that stay, she’d end up at intermittently another 16 times. Even at the young age 12 Lucina expressed a fervent ability to take the initiative and help others. Having enjoyed the personal benefits she gained from her dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Lucina was surprised to find that many of the other youth at her facility hadn’t taken to it in the same way. After speaking with her teacher, she was allowed to learn the skills she needed to teach the class herself and began presenting to her peers.

Lucina found that although many times she was teaching youth who were older than herself, that many of them were receptive to her teaching style and passion. She eventually turned her skills into a job with her agency, becoming the youngest person ever employed there. Lucina is a powerful advocate who’s been honored for both her personal aptitude and courageous work on behalf of other youth. She aspires to one day complete a degree in political science and become an international immigration attorney.