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Since the age of 4 Lisa has been in and out of foster homes, group homes, kinship care, and experienced a broken adoption. However, she has not been broken. Lisa demonstrates the strength and drive to not only survive her circumstances, but to use her experiences to strive for a better system. "Sometimes I wondered if any of this was my fault as I walked the streets alone for hours on end. I felt unsafe, afraid, betrayed, and abandoned. Somehow, I survived. Something inside of me told me to hold on." Lisa has used this inner strength to become a leader in her state. She serves as vice president of the El Paso County Youth Advisory Board. Lisa also has attended the Educating Children of Color Conference. Lisa is very proud of her Native American heritage, and uses the lessons and wisdom from this heritage to live her life. "I have learned from Native American culture to respect elders and community. Native traditions have also taught me to respect health and wellness." Lisa also enjoys going to art shows and would someday like to make films about foster care and Native American culture.




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did you go to liberty high school in colorado springs