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Lateesha W is described by those who know her as, “Eloquent… one of the most positive people I’ve ever met in my life.” Despite a tumultuous four years in foster care and five placement changes, Lateesha has an optimistic outlook and big plans for her future. Lateesha has faced many hardships including homelessness and foster care, yet she continues to push forward and create a better life for herself while also uplifting those around her. One adult supporter said of Lateesha’s empathetic heart, “She is smart, kind and always there to offer a helping hand”. With multiple foster care placements comes educational instability, but Lateesha has not let the system hold her back. She has worked diligently to meet her credit requirements despite multiple school changes so she can graduate with her peers. Lateesha proves that even while still in foster care, it is possible to dream big and take steps to make those dreams a reality. Lateesha received a glowing recommendation from her school councilor, who was impressed with Lateesha’s determination to become an Ultrasound Technician upon her high school graduation in May of 2014. Those in Lateesha’s life have no doubt she’ll go on to do great things. “She really has her head on her shoulders and I have every confidence that she will achieve her goals.” Lateesha’s determination and positivity during trying times are a good precursor for the wonderful things yet to come for this incredible young woman.