16  years in Illinois Foster Care System

Kyle Johnson is our All-Star from Chicago, IL. Kyle spent 16 years in the foster care system. He entered into care as a newborn and was later adopted at the age of two. He experienced two foster home placements, unfortunately, being separated from five biological siblings. Kyle has overcome his hardships in life by coping with his hardest struggles by indulging himself into multiple mentoring roles. One being helping others who he shares a past experiences and struggles with. In addition, Kyle uses his free time coaching and playing volleyball. When he is not on the court playing, he spends his leisure time shopping and eating. His music preference is gospel and hip hop, yet he finds his music preference to be very versatile. He uses gospel and volleyball to help him cope with stress, such as school work, chasing a higher education. Kyle attends Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville (SIUE) studying Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. He hopes to work his way up through the corporate world and eventually become the CEO of a worldwide company. 

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2018 All-Stars