Kayla was placed in care for the first time around age 2, left the system at 11 and returned at age 16. With multiple placements starting at a young age, she's not sure how many homes she's been in, but guesses anywhere from 8-14. Kayla was been a member of the Community Health Assesment Research Team (CHART) for 5 years, where she worked on establishing a youth center in her home town. She has also worked at an After School Program for grades 5-8. Kayla was editor of her high school newspaper, member of Future Teachers of America, on the Speech and Debate team, the Missouri A+ Program, and volunteered at a local nursing home during all 4 years of high school. Her passion for volunteerism and extra-curricular activities has continued at Cottey College, where she was the President of the SUCCEED program, an after school program for grades K-4. When asked about future career goals, Kayla says, 'I want to be a social worker for the state and help children who are in the same situations that I have been. I want to make a difference in their lives and let them know that someone still cares.
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2010 Outstanding Young Leaders