Jada entered the Indiana Child Welfare system when she was 16.

Jada describes her experience in foster care as “crazy”! She “moved every year since 10th grade” because of multiple failed attempts at reunification.

Jada began volunteering in high school to support other youth and bring youth voice to Indiana’s foster care system. She has worked with her State Youth Board and helped advance the Indiana Foster Youth Bill of Rights and even met the governor! Currently, she is working with a mentoring program at her university.

Jada is a Social Work scholar at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, She hopes to go all the way for her MSW, and hopes to one day to be the Director of the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Hope anchors the soul ~ Hebrews 6:19

“This quote from the Bible helped me get through the bad days when I was in foster care. You always have to have hope!”

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders