From the age of 5 years old, Huyanna Clearwater has been in 14 different placements in the foster care system. In 2014, Huyanna received the Brad Levesque Award for youth who go beyond the line to improve the system. In the spring of 2017, Huyanna helped start a club on her college campus to help build a stronger relationship between the students.


Huyanna is currently working with a group called IMPACT (Improving Maine Policy as a Celebration team) and is also a co-facilitator for her local youth board. Huyanna has done national work for NICWA (national Indian child welfare association) and regional work for the New England youth coalition.


In the future, Huyanna wants to finish school for her business management bachelor's degree at the AIU Institute. Huyanna is working towards starting a native youth center in Maine in the next couple years. Huyanna is a passionate, amazing, bright, and fun spirited leader.


“When reach out & help youth who've experienced foster care, we show them the best part of humanity, we show them LOVE...UNCONDITIONAL LOVE...& nothing compares.” - Janalee Moquin


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2018 Outstanding Young Leaders