Eric Warner headshot

Eric Warner, 24 years, currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona where he attends Arizona State University, studying Sociology. Outside of studies, he involves himself with youth in his state to see their needs and wants are addressed.

Eric spent 11 years in the Arkansas child welfare system where he encountered difficulties such as discrimination for his sexual orientation throughout much of his childhood, transitioned to 11 different placements (Therapeutic Foster Care, Methodist Group Home Facilities, Emergency Child Youth Shelter, etc.). In addition, Eric also faced trauma when he was unwilling to take psychotropic medications at age 13 (Prozac, Zoloft, Seroquil). Although, the complexities of these experiences seem overwhelming, he is determined, resilient and able to maintain an active and honest internal dialogue. He advocates for youths’ active participation in their own lives.

Eric's policy and advocacy work began as a 2012 FosterClub Outstanding Young Leader. In 2013 he participated in Shadow Day with the Congressional Caucus for Foster Youth. In 2017 he was selected as a FosterClub All-star. Eric strives to realize his dream of opening a non-profit. With a “can do” attitude, a remembrance of who he serves, and a mentality of “yes he will,” Eric looks forward to where he can implement change for the betterment of the child welfare system.