Eric Warner headshot

Eric Warner, age 24

Eric Warner grew up in Arkansas. He entered care when he was 8 years old and experienced 6 different placement settings and 11 different moves by the time he aged out of care at 18. During his time in care, he was placed in 3 separate congregate care facilities due to a lack of suitable foster homes and also in an effort for him to be closer to his originating county. Eric already faced difficulty in life from racism; being a ward of the court meant his life was impacted by the policies in place and practices followed at these facilities that didn’t acknowledge or allow his gay "lifestyle". He felt oppressed by authorities who weren’t concern to listen to his voice or acknowledge his struggles. Despite these and other obstacles, he graduated high school. As he transitioned out of foster care, Eric pursued several technical trainings including studies at Arizona State University. Eric focuses on serving his community; encouraging his peers and supporting success that looks different than traditional standards. He has been able to serve as Outstanding Young Leader by FosterClub, attend Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Day, and completed the FosterClub All-Star Internship in 2017. He is currently a member of the National Foster Youth & Alumni Policy Council. Eric continues to serve with organizations that spark resiliency within youth and promote overall positive change in the lives of youth, building support networks and establishing and maintaining permanence.

In his spare time he thrives on mentoring and teaching youth and children. He hopes to be the person in their lives he felt he needed in his. His passion for helping others realize the power within themselves to create positive, lasting change was sparked by the quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world"-(Mahatma Gandhi). Currently residing in Oregon, Eric is applying his energy and talents more artistically through writing poetry, researching, education, and travel. His goal, currently, is to help youth understand the full potential that they have and to create a secure and strong foundation with which to achieve this goal.