Emmanuel experienced foster care in Utah

Emmanuel experienced 3 placements and homelessness before finding loving permanence with his current foster family.

He has been the Vice President of the Future Business Leaders of America chapter at his school. He is committed to supporting other youth in care and is developing a fundraiser for a local homeless youth shelter. He also engages in service projects through his church. He loves football and sports and has been recognized for lettering in 7 sports.

Currently, Emmanuel works after school for a capital investment firm and aspires to attend Harvard Business school.  

“Why I give back--Where much is given, much is expected. Giving back is a deep drive in me because my story, my voice will encourage kids like me to rise above their challenges, to discover the beautiful, amazing people they are. I want to help them succeed.” 

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2019 Outstanding Young Leaders