Emilio Swann

8 years in Nevada’s foster care system

19 years old 



Emilio Swann, a name that will be remembered for making an impact of awareness to the foster community all around the nation.


Emilio entered care at 4 years old. During his time in care, Emilio experienced 8 placements - most of which were foster homes and a group home. At 16, Emilio was adopted by a relative but because of circumstances out of his control, the adoption failed and he re-entered the system, aging out at 18 years old. Emilio’s foster care experience created a passion within him to create change within the system - for others in similar situations. 


Currently, he works with an amazing non-profit called ProjectWE - an organization in Las Vegas, Nevada all about supporting youth in care to achieve their life aspirations through many types of engaging programs. In Emilio’s spare time, he enjoys being creative, whether that is in music production or fashion design. 


Emilio plans to attend college in the fall at the University of Nevada. He hopes to continue being a motivational speaker and one day gain custody of his young sister.

Emilio is creating a path to achieve success and happiness - he hopes his success provides a platform to support foster youth in a world where all odds are stacked against them.