Danetra McDonald headshot
Danetra has been in foster care since the age of 13, in various group homes and kinship placements. She says that the girls in her first group home inspired her and recognizes the importance of now inspiring her peers. “The importance for foster children to support their peers is extremely vital. Everyone needs an example to look up to, especially foster children. Since many of us were already robbed of our lives we need a reason to not give up in the present living situations given to us. Positive, uplifting individuals can help, and who better to be those encouraging individuals than those who have already walked in those same footsteps? Watching the girls who lived in my first group home age out, get their own apartments and go to school was very encouraging for me. Ever since then I wanted to do the same thing and go to college as well, and I did!” Danetra is a reader, hiker, singer, dancer, actress, sometimes chef, advocate, and a foster youth. She has had many successes in her life, volunteering much of her time to helping others, but never forgetting what is important. “Spare time is something I rarely have, but if I am lucky enough to have it I like to hang out with my best friend, watch movies, and eat lots of yummy food!”