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Daisy was placed in foster care when she was 13 in western Kansas, remained in care until she aged out at 18, with one semester left of high school. Daisy was moved around a lot and separated from my older brother, her only sibling and source of stability. Daisy is a graduate of the University of Kansas, receiving degrees in Psychology & Sociology with the concentration on Deviance and Justice. Daisy has successfully advocated for legislation in Kansas that would provide tuition waivers to foster youth and served on Kansas Family Advisory Network Board of Directors. In addition, Daisy was a volunteer member of the Douglas County Citizen Review Board and served as co-chair for the Family Centered Systems of Care statewide steering committee. Future aspirations: She is considering joining Teach for America in the next several years, as well as working with youth in some fashion. Daisy especially enjoy helping youth achieve their college education goals and would love to work solely in that area. Any chance to bright the life of a young person and improve our community for future generations would be a welcome opportunity. Availability for projects: Document review, Policy development, On-site training (may require travel), Webinars, Writing (such as curriculum development), Work groups (requires on-going participation, perhaps travel) Affiliations: FosterClub YAN Douglas County Citizen Review Board KFAN