Cyphrian Daud

3 years in Vermont’s Foster Care System

18 years old


Cyphrian entered foster care in December 2017. He lived in 3 different foster homes before he aged out of care in July 2020. Cyphrian will be starting his freshman year in the spring of 2021 at St. Lawrence University, where he’ll major in Business in Liberal Arts and Political Science. He loves to dance, read, listen to music, and watch horror movies during his free time.

Cyphrian is passionate about uplifting Queer and POC’s voices in the child welfare system. He hopes to not only give them support but also resources to encourage positive experiences in care and in their communities. He is very educationally motivated and hopes to have his own law firm in the future, where he can work on civil rights issues, but also provide legal representation for people who are wrongfully convicted/incarcerated.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2020 All-Stars