Catherine entered the Michigan Child Welfare system at age 16. 

After her mom became too ill to care for her, she was placed in care until they could locate her Dad. She described this as a “difficult path of rediscovering who I am, who I am not, and who eventually I wanted to be.” she credits “the love, help, and support from many parents and friends in my high school community” with helping her make it through “those difficult and dark times.”

Catherine is proud to be a Blavin Scholar at the University of Michigan, where she is majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology with a minor in Religion. She is also the Vice President of Hiring at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

She hopes to one day be a professor at a university. She says, “I want to contribute to society by educating young people on the events that continue to define society and modern conflicts today, especially since I strongly believe that education opens the door for people to see the world through another’s point of view.” 

“It might not get better today or tomorrow or maybe not even next week, but one day I promise it will and I’ll be there with you until it does.”