Brittney Barros, age 21, Michigan's Foster Care System

Brittney, after living with neglect, entered her first time in care at the age of 11. After struggling for a long time, her mom finally regained custody of Brittney and her siblings. Watching her mom beat drug addiction and getting a stable home gave Brittney hope for her family. However, a year later her brother crashed the car into the house and became homeless. After living in dirty motels, outside, and couch surfing for seven months, she re-entered the foster care system where she lived in different foster homes and a group home. Finally, when Brittney was 16, her grandmother got legal guardianship and her mother's rights were terminated. The foster care system separated Brittney and her siblings for over 6 years, however, Her and her siblings were reunited. Currently, Brittney passionately advocates in both the foster care and runaway/homeless youth community. Back at home, she works for Ozone House, a nonprofit organization for at-risk and homeless youth as an independent contractor through Speak Out- a group that works to end homelessness in Washtenaw County. Brittney spends her free time being a foster youth voice as President of her group Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative (MYOI) and as a State Co-Director for the Parkwest Foundation, spreading awareness of resources available to those who have been in foster care. Brittney sits on the board of directors for a local non profit organization, the Student Advocacy Center, that works to promote the right to education for at risk students. Finally, Brittney has been selected as an intern for the CCAI Foster Youth Internship Program. Taking her desire to make a change within the social system, Brittney is currently pursuing her degree in Social Work at Eastern Michigan University. Eventually, Brittney plans to pursue her Master's Degree in Social Work and Public Policy. Her long-term goals include becoming both a foster care worker and a parent.

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