Breanna Harris

10 years in Washington’s foster care system

18 years old 



Breanna entered foster care at
the age of 8 years old. She moved from foster home to foster home
up until the age of 16 where she found a home that
truly accepted and cared for her. One of her passions is advocating for better foster parent training - to include more youth perspective.


When Breanna isn’t advocating, she enjoys spending her time outdoors or taking long car rides. Breanna is a part of a couple programs, FFA and
WeACT, where she enjoys being a support for others.  


Currently, she participates in the states youth advisory board and hopes to one day take on a leadership role on the board as the board chair. Soon, Breanna hopes to get more included in foster parent training to provide her perspective to better equip parents with the tools needed to support youth in care.


Breanna’s experience has taught her that her past doesn't define her or her future. She hopes that all foster youth realize that they have so much to offer this world and that they have so much potential and cannot
be silenced. We all come in different shapes, sizes, cultural backgrounds, religious backgrounds, yet we are all human and we all are worth something.

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2019 All-Stars