Ashley Marguerite Papias


17 Years Old

California Foster Care System 

Ashley entered the foster care system at 5 years old -- in the state of California -- and will exit as soon as she turns 18. She is planning to attend UC Berkeley this upcoming fall. She was motivated at a young age to become a role model because of the absence of role models she had in her life. There was no one she shared her identities with, being a low income Latina foster youth woman. She taught herself how to read, write, and count because lacked a support system in her new home or her new school. She became dedicated to helping others and herself. In the future Ashley hopes to pursue a higher education and major in Ethnic Studies and Minor in Gender and Women's Studies to help her marginalized communities combat issues they face on a day to day basis. 

To the children in foster care, Ashley leaves you with a piece of advice, "Stay strong and willing to overcome the challenges and obstacles that life will throw your way, you are amazing enough to accomplish them!”

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2021 Outstanding Young Leaders