Ashleigh Shelanskey spent 4 years in Oregon's foster care system

Ashleigh, age 17, wants to own a business wants day and dreams of having her own law firm. Once she graduates from high school, she plans on pursuing a degree in law.

Ashleigh is an active participant in the My Life Project at Portland State University where she works with her coach, Isha McNeely (an alumni of the FosterClub All-Star program, 2010). Ashleigh and Isha meet weekly to work on Ashleigh’s college and career goals. Ashleigh is very proactive about her schooling and is a straight-A student. She is involved in various extra-curricular activities such as the debate team and mock trial. Ashleigh is also involved in Oregon’s ILP (Independent Living Program).

Ashleigh has been recognized for her academic achievement, including the President's Award, Perfect Attendance award, and has been on the Honor’s List for her outstanding GPA since her sophomore year. Ashleigh gives back to her community through her volunteer service in the children's ministries at St. André Bessette Church in Northeast Portland.

Over her three and a half years in foster care, Ashleigh has lived in a total of 6 foster homes and 2 residential facilities in the Portland metro area.

“Ashleigh is a very driven and motivated student that works very hard in school. She is very passionate about helping youth in care,” says Isha McNeely. Ashleigh has attended FosterClub’s Oregon Youth Conferences for the last 3 years and has the goal to be a FosterClub All-Star so that she can continue to advocate for youth's rights in care

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2013 Outstanding Young Leaders