Anthony Vasquez spent 10 years in South Carolina's foster care system

Anthony, now enrolled in college and from California has super goals of becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic, he knows he must work to provide for himself, and he takes this very seriously. Anthony’s parents left him when he was five years old. After officially entering the foster care system at age 7 and living in extremely harsh circumstances with his Uncle in Montana for 5 years, Anthony was finally placed with his Grandmother. He is still with her today, along with his siblings. Grandmother obtained guardianship of them all.

After the trauma of life with his Uncle, Anthony worked to overcome depression and strive forward. He has realized the benefit of sharing with others, and he wants to be a safe peson others can trust as well. Anthony excelled in High School and was a member of many clubs: Key, Earth, Red Cross, Drama, and Anime Clubs. All those clubs brought on many fundraisers and events. Anthony inserted himself in all of it.

Now in College Anthony continues his involvement with volunteering. He holds a leadership position of Chief of Operations with Ontario Fire Explorer’s where he is responsible for keeping inventory and maintaining equipment at the post along with many other important responsibilities. This organization gives back to it’s community assisting in many ways: Kiwanis, Rotary Club, USO’s. Providing breakfast’s, toy drives, auto shows, marathons, fund raising and raising public awareness about fire safety practices.

Anthony’s involvement has not fell short of awards and acknowledgments. County, of San Bernardino Certificate of Achievement

National Assessment of Educatonal Progress Certificate of Community Service

City of Ontario leader Of Appreciation

City of Ontario and California Citizen Corps Certificate of Appreciation. These are only a few of Anthony’s acheivements and proof of his continued work for others. Anthony believes it is vital for youth in foster care to have a word with the foster care system. The youth in the system know best how it is working and how to help the flaws get fixes

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2013 Outstanding Young Leaders