Adam M


24 Years Old 



“My experiences in foster care motivate me to advocate for systemic change, focusing on reducing placement instability and improving access to education and job training. I aim to create a meaningful impact on the lives of foster youth and promote policies that recognize love as a fundamental constant.”

Adam is a volunteer for the Foster Youth Success Initiative and started a community club for foster youth at his university. He is also involved in a group that helps youth develop resiliency plans. Adam recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in social work, and plans to advocate for systemic changes in the child welfare field.

Adam has a passion for social work, therapy, child welfare, and neurobiology. Based on his own experience in foster care, Adam believes that reducing the number of placement changes and providing consistent access to resources will positively impact the lives of young people in care. Adam credits his resiliency to the juxtaposition of structure and love that he has received.