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PDF Application: https://medicaid.utah.gov/Documents/pdfs/Application2017.pdf

Checkbox for foster care on page 2, question #6.

The Former Foster Care Individuals Medicaid program provides full Medicaid coverage to individuals who: (1) are age 18 to 26, (2) were concurrently enrolled in Medicaid and Foster Care in Utah at age 18 or higher, (3) were in the custody of DCFS, DHS, an Indian tribe, or under the state's responsibility with the Catholic Community Services foster care for unaccompanied minor refugees when Foster Care ended. There is no income or asset limit. Retroactive coverage is allowed.

An extension for Medicaid coverage, called Foster Care Independent Living, is available for youth through age 21 when they age out of foster care if they receive Independent Living Services through DCFS. This is an option for former foster care youth who do not qualify for the Former Foster Care Individuals program.

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires states to provide young adults under 26 with free health care if they were in foster care at age 18 or older. This ensures that former foster youth can access the health care services they need – just like non-foster youth who can stay on their parents’ insurance plans until 26.

To be eligible for this program you: • Were in foster care when you turned 18 or older • Were on Medicaid at that time • Still live in Utah • Are under age 26 • Need to complete a Medicaid application There is no income or asset limit. For questions about this Medicaid program, call: 1-866-435-7414 http://health.utah.gov/umb/forms/pdf/fc_il.pdf