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JBAY: Informational Resources about Health Care - California

About this resource

John Burton Advocates for Youth (JBAY) is a statewide non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California.  JBAY works to improve the quality of life for California’s current foster, former foster, and homeless youth.

JBAY for youth was founded in 2005 by John Burton, a former member of Congress.

If you need more information, you can read about the following topics on JBAY's website: 


Including help applying to FAFSA, college prep, campus supports, student basic needs, supports for homeless students, and much more!


Housing programs, supportive housing, information about what CA is doing to support housing, etc.


Reproductive & sexual health, expectant/parenting youth, and student mental health supports

Economic Security

Food security, reducing poverty, etc.


Information about Policies and their success


To find eligibility requirements for the different projects offered by JBAY, please access the JBAY website to find out more. 


35 Montgomery Street, Suite 1142
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States