What is national foster care month?

Every May, our nation focuses it's attention on the needs of youth in foster care. Each year can be a focus on a different aspect of foster care. At FosterClub we partner with different organization in order to expand the reach of this message.

So every May things get a little crazy at FosterClub. We love National Foster Care month and we are always doing something. Check out some of the things we've done in the past.

Foster Equality

Each year we partner with the Human Rights Campaign to share stories from youth who faced challenges of being LGBTQ in foster care. Some of the stories are about successful relationships, and some are focused on how those relationships could improve. See some of those stories below

National foster care month pins

Want to wear your love of NFCM on your sleeve? Well now you can, literally. Begin brandishing these great pins to show support for youth in foster care.