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Dependent Child

A child who has been placed in the legal
custody of either the state or the county
foster care system by the courts, usually
due to the abandonment, abuse or neglect
of the child by a parents or other caregiver.

Developmental Disability

A physical or mental impairment which
can limit a young person's ability in the
following areas: self care, language skills,
learning, personal mobility, self-direction,
potential for independent living and
potential for economic self-sufficiency as
an adult.


Short for Department of Human Services
or Department of Health and Human
Services, common titles for the agency that
provides services for children and youth in
foster care. See also Agency.


The decision about where the youth should
live (such as in state custody), as well as
what the parents, agency and the youth
must do to change the current situation.
Sometimes court hearings are continued
and changed to another date for various
reasons. For instance, someone may not
show up, or everyone at court may feel it's
a good idea to delay the hearing.