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Never ExpectedFoster Care is not the easiest of events to live through. I find that on any given day I reflect back on my many hardships re-evaluating how I could have improved on an array of traumatic events. However, when I started this internship at FosterClub, I found that I was not the only individual suffering. At first, living in a house with foster youth worried me knowing that issues could arise. But after being here for 5 weeks I un-expectantly found a cure to my incessant flashbacks. I found that in many cases others experienced similar traumatic situations that I had. But instead of internalizing our emotional turmoil we have come together with the understanding that voicing our concerns to one another is safe and accepted. Since many of us have experienced similar traumatic experiences I found this internship therapeutic. 

I expected this internship to teach me professional skills that would help my resume. But it has accomplished so much more. I joined a family of loving individuals who I know I could contact for emotional support. Furthermore, if I ever needed a resource or job help the staff at FosterClub will have my back. I feel comfortable asking the staff members for any kind of guidance. Which was a blessing in and of itself. 

Applying to become an all-star has helped me overcome so much. Even though I may never fully heal from the traumatic experiences that I have lived. I know that at FosterClub there are others who understand. This un-expected blessing has truly given me perspective into how to help myself and others. If you are considering FosterClub’s internship I would highly recommend applying. This has been a life changing experiences that every foster youth should register for.

Aug 7, 2016 By ellenajones029