There Must Be Something In the Water! (And A Special Challenge...Sneak Preview)

So of course you can imagine that life has just not been the same since becoming a FosterClub All Star!! There is just something that has been stirred up on the inside of me that I can't quite explain fully. It's a feeling that is compelling me to do something about the state of foster care right now. I am convinced that I may not be a able to "fix the system" but I am certain that I can do something.

I am am back in Michigan and as my life returns to its normal busy ways, something is different. From classes to meetings, I just can't seem to notice that there is something a little more peculiar about me. I walk more upright! I smile more often. I more excited to talk in my classes. I am more confident in the things that I have to say because I now understand that when I talk, people will listen. I am a little more compassionate and even patient (Who knew?) It is a fantastic feeling.

As I said, I can't quite explain it. It must be something different about the water in Seaside, Oregon because being a FosterClub All Star along with being submerged in Foster Care advocacy, policy, promotion and awareness for one summer has changed my life. What is so different about FC?

The biggest surprise for me centered around the fact that FosterClub is a family organization. Any foster kid who does not know what it feels like to be loved needs to quickly get involved with FosterClub. FC Staff provided support for me in a way that I have never had before. In short, the staff is great and the other All Stars are my brothers and sisters (Past, Present, and FUTURE!) I personally feel like I have added even more people to my family. And foster kids know that family is important!

FosterClub is truly a unique organization. FC is invested in the success of every foster child. FosterClub is different from so many other non-profit organizations because they really care about foster children. The devotion from the staff is unlike anything that I have ever seen through my scope of non-profit work. I advise any foster kid who is interested in getting involved in foster care reform to stay connected with FosterClub.

My passion for working with young people in foster care has surged after working with FC. I wish that every foster kid could become an All Star. To explain the experience completely would be impossible because a person would simply have to experience it for him/herself to fully understand the profound impact that FosterClub has had on my life.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many young people in foster care through interning with FC. I can honestly say that I am truly motivated and encouraged to accept the challenge of foster care reform.

Check out my next blog for details on how I will begin to tackle the problem of reform. My hope is that YOU (Yes, You who are reading this) will join in my effort to REFORM FOSTER CARE NOW!!