Sudan Lost Boys

WOW! After being a level 2 and hearing stories from from youth all over the country and even some from the All Star family, I've began to create an interest for a particular event and situation of people. The People of Sudan. The Lost boys of Sudan. I found out that that there was a Civil War that caused countless people to lose their lives and among other things be raped. The ones that Lived by hiding in the jungles for years and being chased from village to village had their families taken from them resulting in countless family separations! Once finally making it to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya walking over 1,000 miles to their destination of freedom from the endless killings.

In 2001, the United States government awarded refugee status to approximately 3,800 Lost Boys. one of which I personally will never forget. This is a message to all. You never know what the person next to you has been through... If hear something that sparks interest, look it up.

Knowledge is key