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Timothy, a student and case worker in Knoxville Tennessee, is a FosterClub young leader and foster care alumni who shares his story to advocate for life-changing policies to support LGBTQ foster youth. Timothy bravely shared his story with our partners through the Family Equality Council.

“I know that limiting families for children and youth in foster care results in harm. It comes down to a feeling of safety. When I was in care, I knew I couldn’t reveal my identity to my foster parents; if I did, they would kick me out. Keeping my identity secret took a huge toll on me; I self-harmed and entertained thoughts of suicide,” said Timothy. 

“I eventually found supportive adults who were willing to accept and value me and my identity. I’m thankful for their care; because of them, I no longer had to hide who I was.”

“I plan on becoming a foster home with a preference of LGBTQ youth so that they know that they have a loving and safe environment to express themselves,” Timothy said.

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Dec 7, 2018 By Celeste


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