Overcoming Obstacles in My Life and Turning to My Church

I have overcame alot of obstacles in my life. But like it didnt get me down. Since i was younger it was hard for me to see my family as of who they were because they judged me when i went into the foster care system. I felt like i was alone. so i ran to the church were i grew up and talked to a Pastor. I asked him "Do you know of someone that wont leave me and alway will be there for me through anything and a person who i can talk to any hour and any time of day" he replied to me yes.

Jesus I can call on the name of the lord whenever i would like too. So since then when i am facing something to hard for me i turn to god because he is the only one that i dont have to pick up a phone i can just call on his name and he will listen to me. I had a lot of storms in my life so i turned to religion. i can honestly say in my eyes God is my father and mother because through his word i also got my values, I found that person to be my role model and who to follow. So I have grown in his word and made it to who i am today.

So this help me overcome my obstacles in my life and i hope you can make your gate way and say this is how i am going to do it and apply it to your everyday life because you need something that is solid in your life and my faith is solid in my life today because now i turned to being a minister in my church and also in my school. So i am running on my faith. because i need it to get me through this storm and struggle of foster care. take care and remember through you storm now is foster care so choose a gateway to help you whether it is a person you can talk to, a religion anything you want it to be but have a gateway because it helped me and it might help you. take care everyone