Outside of Class - 2008

I want to share with you the things I really learned from experience and intensive thinking about life and relationships with people - you have to learn life for yourself but when you do or if you have, then you will agree with the things that I have posted - or even add.

Either way, as I keep on learning, this post will get longer. This I guarantee.

First I will share what I have learned outside of the classroom:

There is nothing to fear but fear itself-- we fabricate fear from our own insecurities, to protect ourselves from being hurt.

We create our own destinies based on our associations and actions.

It's never too late to break ties with people who aren't on your page or going in the right direction

People come and go -- serve a purpose -- which is to teach us something about ourselves that perhaps we didn't know or even teach us how to be more of one way (to avoid being hurt and to advance in our lives)

We don't piss people off they choose to get pissed off based on their own insecurities-- and when that is constant there is something wrong

Energy from first impressions carry interactions throughout

It's easier to dwell on negative for a whole day or couple of days and forget that each new day is just that

When in a relationship with someone you don't tell guys about guys - this is a mistake that I have made twice already and didn't work out too well.

People interpret things in a certain way -- especially the opposite sex if you are too affectionate with them --- or just simply; sometimes you bring things unto yourself based on how you project yourself and don't even know it. If you don't want to have a certain response from somebody, make sure you monitor your behavior.

Maybe the effort that you put into your school work will reflect the effort you put into your 9am-5pm.

Spur of the moment motivators should not just be spur but should be extended and carry into the day with you - this distinguishes ordinary people from people who are extraordinary in the world.

When you sit back and quit trying to chase people, you realize that they come to you and it's a great feeling to know that you are thought of.

You only live once baby, so you have to take advantage of opportunities when you are able to.

Balance! Balance! and Balance! Time management, time management, time management! Requires discipline and is sometimes influenced.

When the flow is going on your part and it hits a wall on someone else's don't try to drown the other person - just retreat and you'll find people who reciprocate your flow

Talking -- its important to express yourself-- but not always use one route

For the first half of our life we are dependent on our parents. For the second, we are dependent on ourselves so take advantage of the moment, if you can, and make the change happen for you now.

Sometimes our attributes are reflective of our parent's styles.

Maybe we are programmed to have stubborn, flirtatious, outspoken, discreet or defensive qualities.

Lastly its important to respect people - all people