Transition (aging out)

A new book

Hey Guys,

I am not sure if you know this or not but I am a new staff member at FosterClub. I am really excited about the move & so much happier that my job has more substance than just waiting on tables!

But this got me thinking. This is a whole new ballpark for me. I have done a lot of personal growth & development in the past year. Some has been really awesome & fun, some totally sucked & I would never want to revisit those times again...

With all said & done I am a better man for what I have gone through. There were some tears & laughter, nightmares & dreams, happiness & depression. Each event stretching me more & more as a person.

Now with this move out to Oregon, I dont feel like a 'young' adult anymore. I dont even think I can be categorized as one because I dont have the option to be reckless anymore in any area of my life. I have a desk job. I am a 'professional' by the world's standards & I really dont know how I feel about that. The transition is difficult because there are times I want to be reckless or use foul language or tell a dirty joke but the FosterClub office is not the place to do that. So I take a moment to reflect on the change of environment.

I also feel a strong sense of direction each morning I wake up because I feel like I am working more towards God's will & His plans for me. Waiting on tables was fun & all, but at the end of the day it is very shallow compared to the work here at FosterClub. But it comes with its responsibilities, changes, & downfalls.

This is far from a new chapter in my life because new chapters are part of the same sort of story. But this is a new beginning for me. This is where I will be laying the foundation for my future. This is the time where I make the habits I want to keep for life, & break the habits that will hold me back. These are the times where I use better judgment to keep myself out of trouble (or at least sustain from being caught lol jk). Because there's no one here that is going to baby me when I fall down & scrape my knees. There's no more oops I'm sorry without having to pay a certain adult responsibility price. This is me, what I'm made up of, with the lovely support system provided by FosterClub & soon to be AllStars of '09. This is far from a new chapter my friends, this is a brand new book & I am scared.

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