National Foster Care Month is coming up soon

Foster Care Month is right around the corner, less then two weeks away. We here at FosterClub have been gearing up and getting ready some projects that are going to ask everyone to get involved with the life of a youth in foster care. We have some very sweet projects, but I cannot give them away quite yet. Be prepared though!! The projects will range from very involved to just having to click and watch.

What else have we been doing? Well, let me tell you; Imagining and creating, writing and connecting, increasing awareness and above all just simply caring. There are lots of great news articles on the website in the News Room, and the message boards are full of thought provoking questions and sincere advice.

JJ has been super busy with youth boards and, Lupe with Young Leaders, Gina with the FosterClub store, Meagan with the design for our products seen right here, Steve with the website, Aaron with writing stuff, and Celeste, with well, everything; Never a dull moment.

Steve just had a birthday, and so we sang him happy birthday, gave him a giant card that plays the Star Wars theme song and says “Long ago, in a galaxy far far away…You were born.” It is a pretty sweet card.

On to something a little more serious, we have had lots of questions on our message board about permanence and college life.

Did you know at the end of 2006 there were 26,517 foster youth who aged out of the system without having found a permanent home? Just what I was thinking, that is a lot of youth. What are some ways for a college bound foster care alumnus to find some ways to stay active and find some supports?

Look for ways to get involved in clubs and groups through your university. College friends can provide a type of permanency, although different from that of an adult, but this permanency can provide you with a strong support system. Remember, you cannot grow a support system without putting in the effort. Professors can provide types of support as well, but remember boundaries. Also, it is a good idea to make a strong relationship with your advisors, this way you will be on the correct path for your education. Through internships, clubs, and groups you could meet potential mentors, people who are willing to give you advice. Guess what, you can have multiple mentors that cover multiple areas you would like help with. Do not limit yourself to thinking your support system needs to only be people that know your entire life story, which shouldn’t be every person you meet on the street. Church is another great way to find supports, as well as athletics. Many people have made lasting friendships that have started on the basketball court.

Remember, next month is National Foster Care Month, and you can find tons of great ways to get involved right here at