Entering foster care

Meet Amairani

Meet AmairaniI believe life is what you make of it. My name is Amairani Morales. I was born in Mexico City in the town of Distrito Federal. I moved regularly during my childhood; I always thought it was exciting. I was able to live in different states, meet different people, and go to others schools. Life was not perfect; but I always believed if I had my mom by my side, everything would be okay in the end.

My mom was not only my mother, she was also my best friend. I would call her “mi todo,” which means my everything. In October 2008 I lost my everything. My mom passed away in the worst way; in my opinion. I did not get to say good bye. I wish I would of know the night she left to go to work was going to be the last time I would ever hug her again. I would have hugged her longer and told her how grateful I was to have her. I also believed no matter how hard life became, I would do my best to make her proud.

After my mami (mom) passed away; I had the decision of either staying with my stepdad or coming to the United States to live with my grandpa. In December 7th of 2008 I arrived in Hood River, Oregon.

My three years in middle school were difficult. I had to adjust to not only a new family, but also a new culture and a different language. In 2011, I entered the foster care system. At this point in my life I was emotionally broken and alone. The person that was supposed to take care of me took advantage of my trust. As a result, I completely closed myself to any kind of love. I have been in the foster care system for five years now.

Looking back I think to myself, I have overcome all of my challenges. I have been able to persist in my life goals and dreams thanks to the people who constantly believed in me.